Unique & Immersive Wall Art

transform your room, create your space

Create a space to... chill

XXL Canvas tapestries with magnetic wooden hanging system

Discover Tapestro by Maisomio

Create a space ...to dream

Fully self-adhesive immersive wall murals

Discover Papelo by Maisomio

Maisomio's tailored wall art products are space transformers - designed to instantly create a feeling or a look, and make your rooms as unique as you are.

Art Forms

XL Self-Adhesive Art

Modern and completely immersive, Art Forms are printed on a single piece of our fully self-adhesive revolutionary Peel&Stick+ material. You can install in minutes, for an instant room transformation!

Discover 100+ designs from leading artists and photographers, for a unique focal point you will love.


XXL Wall Murals

Over 100+ incredible designs from leading photographers and artists - Papelo is the perfect way to instantly transform a space.

Printed on our revolutionary Peel&Stick+ fully self-adhesive paper, installation takes less than 15 minutes with no mess!


Canvas tapestries

Printed on luxury 260g canvas, Tapestro canvas tapestries hang from magnetic wooden holders, in either teak or black wood. Available in single and multiset for unique XXL art prints.

150+ unique and stunning designs from leading photographers and artists, allow you to instantly update your space - creating an instant look or style in minutes.


Bespoke Wallpaper

It's wallpaper, but not as you know it! Each Maisomio Couture wallpaper is completely made to your specification and to fit your exact wall size. Choose your design, material and even colour!

Discover 5 stunning design collections and create a focal point as unique as you are.

Wall Blox

Children's Wall Scenes

Create completely unique and wonderful world's for children, with huge XXL self-adhesive wall scene kits from Wallblox.

Each scene comes with 50+ components, and a central "stem" that measures over 220cm high. Printed on our revolutionary fully self-adhesive Peel&Stick+ paper, you can arrange and layer any way you like, to fill single or multiple walls.

Aimed at babies and children between 0 and 6 years, WallBlox is not just decoration, but a fun activity for both children and adults.

Luxury crafstmanship

A fully-digital high-tech manufacturing process, combined with only the highest grade materials and inks, means each Maisomio product is made to the highest finish. Each piece is crafted by our master Printers, with over 15 years experience producing luxury wallpapers and wall art.

One product sold, one tree planted

Maisomio believe not only in offsetting the carbon created in the manufacture and transport of our products, but in making a net positive contribution. For each Maisomio product sold, 1 tree is planted - which over it's lifetime will help remove more than 20x carbon than is used, helping to improve our environment.