100cm Self-Adhesive Art Circles

Installation Instructions


You will need a pair of scissors and a clean dry sponge.


Ensure your wall is clean and free of dust, using the clean dry sponge.


Peel off the two orange tabs and use them to secure the print to your wall in its desired position. Place the tabs either side of the print, approximately 20-30cm from the top.


Allow the top of the strip to hang down over the orange tabs, and carefully peel away the backing paper from the top of the print. Cut away approximately 20cm of the backing paper with a pair of scissors.


Using the clean dry sponge, smooth the adhesive part of the print to the wall. Always smooth from the middle and outwards.


Once the top part of the print is stuck to the wall, remove the orange tabs. Carefully peel down the remaining backing paper, smoothing with the sponge as you go.


If you encounter any air bubbles or creases, carefully peel back and re-apply.

Fancy a change?

To remove, use a hair-dryer to warm the sticker before carefully peeling away from the wall.