Become a Maisomio Reseller

Transformative wall art, made for e-commerce

Part of the INQEO Group, one of europe's largest wall art producers, Masiomio is a primarily reseller-sold brand - designed from the ground up to be the perfect wall art partner for your e-commerce business.

Great selling & unique products

Maisomio offers a complete range of products across the wall art category - with stunning unique designs on highly innovative products.

Made for e-commerce

Maisomio is part of the INQEO Group - with over 10 years experience in print-to-order, producing and shipping over 200 orders per day for e-retailers. Our key USP is offering a quality and service that you can rely on.

Exceptional profit margins

Being a primarily wholesale company, Maisomio can offer extremely attractive prices - with an average net profit margin of 50% possible.

Dropshipping, Stock, or a combination

All Maisomio products are available to dropship directly to your customers as standard, shipping worldwide within 5 working days - meaning you can start selling Maisomio products with zero investment and zero risk!

Alternatively hold a selection of items in stock - with super-quick production and shipping there is no need to maintain a high level of inventory.

Perfect data feeds

Using the advanced INQEO Product Informtion Management System we create a personal data feed for your store - regardless of system! All products, certain Maisomio brands, or a selection of items can be imported and on sale within less than 48 hours.

Full suite of selling resources

Each Maisomio product comes with a selection of 15+ beautiful images - formated for web, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest - for easy use in your marketing. In addition, each product has individual descriptions and keywords (in multiple languages), Augmented Reality models, and video.

Easy ordering process

Using the INQEO Order Portal orders can be placed manually in less than 90 seconds.

Alternatively, depending on daily volume, you can connect your store or system directly to INQEO for fully automated order processing.