Bespoke wallpaper, made just for you

Couture by Maisomio is leading a revolution in wallpaper; fully custom-made for your wall, in your material, and even in your choice of colour

Discover the Collection

Stunning extra-large patterns and incredible details for walls as unique as you are.

Collection 2021


Bring a taste of the exotic into your space with jungle leaves, colourful birds, and fierce animals. The Tropical Collection showcases extra-large patterns, deep linen textures, and bold colours.

Collection 2021

Neu Chinz

Neu Chinz combines classic natural-world patterns with bold colours for a contemporary yet classic look. The beautiful patterns in Neu Chinz are inspired by classic illustrations of flora and fauna.

Collection 2021


Inspired by the famous ink blots of pyschologist Hermann Rorschach, the Rorschach collection gives a luxurious and rich effect to a room, with a mixutre of artistic textures and natural materials.

Collection 2021


Transform a space with subtle gradients and beautiful colours. The Ombre collection is inspired by the natural and supranatural world and lends a soft and calming influence to your walls.

Collection 2021


Extra-large geometric prints that appear to be painted on to concrete. Blox gives a modern urban feel with bold patterns and colours, taken from vibrant cities around the world.

Installing wallpaper has never been easier

We print at up to 100cm wide strips - with precision pre-cut panels. To install, simply apply paste to the wall before applying the strip - no overlapping, and minimal trimming required. Alternatively, with our new self-adhesive paper you don't even need wallpaper paste!