Wall Blox revolutionary wall scene kits allow you to create magical worlds for your children - fill any size wall and arrange any way you wish. It's fun and creative!

Get creative

Wall Blox wall scene kits come with up to 50 components that can be arranged in any way you wish, to create a completely unique world on your children's walls. Creating a Wall Blox world is a fun activity for children and adults to do together.

Magic Material

Wall Blox is printed on our revolutionary Peel&Stick+ self-adhesive paper - it goes on the wall like magic, no creasing or bubbles to worry about! And when you fancy a change? Easily remove without damage.

Create a HUGE world!

From a printed area of 100cm x 200cm, Wall Blox can be made to fit on any size wall (or walls!) and can expand to fill up to a massive 400cm x 300cm+, for a truly immersive room transformation!

Have fun together!

Each Wall Blox scene kit comes with a mixture of small, medium, and large pieces allowing children to be involved in the installation process, and making it their own.

Easy to install

Each Wall Blox sheet comes with a QR code which you can scan with your mobile device, or view on a computer. Easy to follow instructions, video, and tips can then be seen - including ideas of how to arrange your kit to inspire you.