Wallblox Children'S Wall Scene Kits

Installation Instructions


You will need a clean dry sponge +/- a pair of scissors


Ensure your wall is clean and free of dust, using the clean dry sponge.


We recommend using the scissors to cut out the large pieces before starting. You can then arrange them on the floor to try out different layouts before applying to the wall. This is a great stage for young children to also be involved.


Carefully peel of each component and smooth onto your wall, starting from one edge and working your way outwards. Use the clean dry sponge to smooth. If you get any air bubbles or creases, carefully peel back and re-apply. For large air bubbles in the middle of a piece, you can also use a sharp pin to prick the bubble and smooth out the trapped air.


Wallblox components are designed to be layered on top of each other for a better effect.

Fancy a change?

To remove, use a hair-dryer to warm the sticker before carefully peeling away from the wall.